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Water Saving Systems

Water is precious resource and one of the most basic human needs. Water has utilised in agriculture, education, energy, health, gender equity, and livelihood, water management underlies the most basic development challenges. Water is currently under unprecedented pressures as growing populations and economies demand more of it.

Practically every development challenge we have including food security, managing rapid urbanization, energy security, environmental protection, adapting to climate change – requires urgent attention to water resources management. Hence, conserving water is important in order to ensure there are sufficient water supplies for all water needs purposes, including the environment, now and in the future. 

Saving water will also save energy and help to cut carbon emissions and energy bills.

Water saving shower heads

Have a relaxing shower with the water-saving shower head. Due to the smart technology incorporated in our shower heads, you will save up to 30% of the water, and not just it, using less water means heat less water, so your hot water bill will be consequently reduced!

Our shower head works according to the Ventury principle, injecting air into the water to get a powerful jet 

This effect reduce dramatically the water consumed comparing with a traditional shower head

We have helped to reduce the water cost to our clients, like the Stoneleigh Lodge Hotel in Warwickshire. After a comprehensive study of the problem of this hotel (the lack of hot water during the peak hours of consumption), we proposed the installation of water saving shower heads in every bathroom of the hotel, drastically reducing the hot water consumption. Also as less hot water is required, less needs to be heated, so a substantial saving in gas has also been made.  Now to have full ocupataion of the hotel is not a problem anymore for the hot water availability concerns.

Other products for water saving: