Energy Consultancy & Project Management

Natural Lighting

“The use of daylighting decreases utility costs and improves the well-being of building occupants”

The primary reason for using a natural lighting system is to provide a bright, naturally lit interior and reduce the requirement for artificial lighting.

Sunlight is the highest possible light quality containing all the colours of the visible spectrum. It has many advantages over artificial light – not least the fact that it is a completely free, unlimited natural resource.

Implementing a daylight system in your building  will dramatically cut energy use, and the CO2 emissions which result from this.

“With properly installed and maintained daylighting systems, natural light has proved to be beneficial for the health, productivity, and safety of building occupants”

The light pipes feature a mirror-finished rim inside the clear roof dome, a highly reflective Flexi-tube or Rigid tube to carry the light, and the diffuser, a panel which disperses the light in the room.

That is a great alternative to electric lights. It is an efficient way to direct natural light into your building plus they leave zero carbon footprint.

“The pleasant environment created by natural light decreases stress levels for office workers. Productivity increases with the improved health of workers, and with better productivity comes financial benefits for employers”

Hybrid Solar Lighting

Hybrid solar lighting systems combine the use of solar with artificial light for interior illumination.

Those systems collect sunlight, channel that sunlight into rooms without windows or skylights, and supplement this natural light with LED light as required.

 The collectors are set into exterior/rooftop and carry the light through optical fibers that end in hybrid luminaires where the sunlight is joined with electric light, either on demand or to automatically maintain a constant light level even as the available sunlight decreases.

Harmful UV and heat-producing IR radiation are removed to produce natural, continuous-spectrum sunlight in the visible range (380-700nm), color balanced at 5500K and suitable for indoor Working environments.