Energy Consultancy & Project Management

Middle East Services

Integr8 Ltd is present in the Middle East thought its office in Cairo, Egypt.  Besides the full range of services offered in UK, we could provide to our customers in the Middle East with the following technologies:



The Aircosaver is a cell-phone size direct digital control (DDC) retrofit designed to increase the operating efficiency of residential and small commercial air-conditioning systems.

Cheap, quick and easy to fit, reduces electricity usage of air conditioners by 30% on average. German designed and made.


Fridge saver

Conditionaire Fridgesaver will allow you to save approximately a 30% of electricity on commercial fridges.

Wind turbines.

Small scale vertical axis wind turbines (500W-5KW). This product is available with or without batteries and is highly unique and attractive.

Underfloor heating

A wet underfloor heating system can be specifically designed and easily and cheaply fitted. These are highly reliable and will last for over 20 years. Such a system can be connected in conjunction with a thermodynamic heating system or even with a standard gas boiler. Electric underfloor heating is also available, again this is cheap and easy to install.

Micro Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

This solar heat generation technology utilizes mirrors that track the sun. Solar heat is used for industrial process, in the oil & gas industry, for solar thermal air conditioning and to create electricity.

Gas boilers

High efficient gas boilers will allow you to save a lot of money. Some gas boilers equipped with a stirling engine can produce electricity!

Gas absortion chillers

Use the same unit to cool, heat and produce hot water at home! And it works saving 87% electricity compared to an electric powered system.