Energy Consultancy & Project Management


Integr8 offers:

Energy Assessment/ESOS: Assessing all areas of energy consumption and passive energy consumption that can be improved in order to save money and in the case of ESOS (see ESOS tab), provide compliance.  Ligihting studies are included as partof this of service or can be offered as a stand alone service.

LZC Reports: LZC (Low & Zero Carbon technologies) Feasibility Reports that specifically look at the potential implementation of renewable energy technologies in a specific project, these can also be offered as a mini feasibility study.

Lighting Studies: This can be offered as a stand alone service if the customer is only interested to reduce lighting costs.

Thermographic surveys: A survey and report for any building in the UK can be offered, this looks at the heat losses and is done at night.

Green Deal Assessments: GDA´s are becoming increasingly important with the government´s Green Deal Scheme which offers the customer finance for implementing renewable technologies.  The offer is based on the findings of the GDA which looks at the initial energy efficiency of the building and suggests measures to mitigate inefficiencies.